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Word on the Street

Having this session was brilliant in that Susan's telling of her story had a way of humanizing the issues of addiction and recovery very different from the other sessions. Some of the other presenters had personal experience with addiction and recovery, to which they referred in their substantive presentation. Susan, by focusing only on her story, helped me see and understand how addiction affects a person's life, and her story of recovery provides inspiration for the belief that recovery is possible.

I think she is so brave. I feel like there are so many lawyers that because there is a stigma to addiction as a disease and they are professionals it is hard to admit and even harder to seek treatment. I think that a lot of lawyers fall through the cracks when it comes to addiction because they usually know someone who can make bad things go away with respect to the justice system so it's so much easier to carry on that lifestyle. We see the worst that humans can behave and it is hard to deal with but easy to grab a substance to cope with it. Good for her and her message should be presented to every bar association in every state.

"Susan was a fabulous presenter. She kept my attention. The session to me provided hope for professionals who may need help toward recovery. Her story and was very motivating and encouraging."

Very raw and inspiring testimony/story. She was excellent. I appreciated her vulnerability and honesty.

What a brave woman to come and speak and tell her story in front of all these strangers. She was just an awesome presenter.

What a great session! Really put some things into perspective for me- some "Aha!" Moments. Thanks for including this breath of fresh air session- it was really uplifting!

As an expert in criminal justice and recovery issues, Susan speaks and consults on a variety of issues.  


Working with Offenders

Research has confirmed that the justice system can provide the unique leverage and access to treatment that can often mark the beginning of recovery. Susan works with law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges to improve responses across the continuum that will result in outcomes that enhance public safety and turn lives around.

 Working with Victims and Witnesses

Given the tremendous impact that addiction has on victims, families, and witnesses, there are opportunities to provide recovery support to so many who come into contact with the court system. Working with witness and victim providers, Susan develops tools and practices that address these needs.

Within the Profession

The 2016 landmark study issued by the ABA and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation revealed alarming rates of problem drinking and other behavioral concerns within the legal profession.  In an effort to dismantle the stigma and fear, Susan shares her own story with audiences nationwide and also provides private recovery coaching to justice professionals.

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